Butler Speedway | Modified Rules -2013:
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    Street Stocks Standings
    1:Chris Garrett1,516
    2:Jeff Hinkley Jr-74
    3:Jake Rendel-113
    4:Dustin Hyliard-154
    5:Josh Garrett-267

    Sportsman Standings
    1:Scott Gaff1,488
    2:Jake Rendel-75
    3:Steve Langdon-113
    4:Jarrett Rendel-276
    5:Fred VanEvey-399

    Sprints Standings
    1:Brad Lamberson1,251
    2:Doug Zimmerman-131
    3:Ryan Kirkendall-300
    4:Quentin Blonde (r)-384
    5:Roger Campbell-391

    Modifieds Standings
    1:Jake Rendel1,052
    2:Josh Lolmaugh-28
    3:Corey Bevard-256
    4:Jon Hadley-312
    5:Jarrett Rendel-324

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