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Sunday, May 01, 2011 5:36:50 AM
Races start at 7:30pm
Featuring Winged Sprints, UMP Modifieds, Sportsman & Street Stocks
Adult Grandstand: $12   Kid Grandstand: $5    Pits: $25

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Opening Night Videos for all 4 classes are HERE

Chad Blonde wheeled to victory in the 2011 Butler Speedway Opener.

Blonde rules at Butler season opener

Chad Blonde claimed the 2011 opener at Michigan's Butler Speedway in a dominating performance. Aboard the #1 Sean Robinson owned mount, Blonde started sixth and led all but the opening three laps of Saturday's 25-lap feature. Other winners were Mike Tarlton (mods), Tim Wilber (sportsman), and Chris Garrett (street stocks).

Making a return to the wheel of a sprint car, Kevin Atkins started on the pole for the feature event and would lead until Blonde went past following a lap 3 restart. Blonde was fifth on the second circuit when he sailed around the outside of Shelby Bilton and Gerry Hart. A caution bunched the field a lap later, and Blonde went from third to first within a lap on the restart, sweeping around the high side of the speedway to pass Mark Aldrich and Atkins. Atkins would eventually finsih third. Ken Mackey and Doug Zimmerman each restarted at the tail after an early mishap. Mackey made his way back to second at the finish, while Zimmerman was fourth at the checker. Fifth through 10th were Aaron Smith, Aldrich, Hart, Tony Bures, Bill Jacoby, and Bilton. Heat races in the winged sprints were won by Blonde and Zimmerman.

Dwayne Feltner started on the pole for the sportsman feature, with Wilber outside of the second row. The duo waged a great high-low battle for many laps, with Feltner leading the way through an event that saw several cautions early on and also had a red flag when Zach Henderson hit the wall. Past midway, Wilber swept around the outside of Feltner in turns 1 and 2 and would lead the rest of the way. Feltner was second, with former champion Logan Beckwith placing third. Brothers Jake Rendel and Jarrett Rendel were fourth and fifth. The rest of the top 10 were Todd Silvey, Bob Adamczyk, Wes Bates, Matt Leland, and Gary Gardner. Heat races were won by Wilber and Bates.

The modifieds won't start their points race until next Saturday and Mike Tarlton ruled a small field in the class. Tarlton won the modified heat race and started on the pole for the feature. He led that event from start-to-finish. Jon Hadley ran a great race to finish second. Jake Rendel, Jessi Sroufe, and Terry Stratton completed the top five.

Garrett started eighth in the street stock feature, with Shawn McFeters and Todd Smith making up the front row. Smith would lead until fourth-starting Kevin Watson ducked under on lap 2. Jeremy Lutz was the next race leader, but he saw Watson go back by and would later spin while holding second. Past the midway point Garrett would become the third and final driver to hold the top spot when he went under Watson in turn 2. Garrett led the rest of the way to record the win. Walter Otis, the 2010 Street Stock Rookie of the Year, came from a fifth-place starting spot to take second. The rest of the top five were former champ Bob Rendell, Watson, and Kevin Butters. Sixth through 10th were John Ruby, Sheryll Dishaw, Jeremy Lutz, Mike Elliott, and Levi Collins. Street stock heat races were won by Bob Rendell, Lutz, and Garrett. The 'B' Main was won by Dallas Prater.

Butler Speedway Results -- April 30, 2011

Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 1 Chad Blonde, 2. 25m Ken Mackey, 3. 59 Kevin Atkins, 4. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 5. 38 Aaron Smith, 6. 1a Mark Aldrich, 7. 39 Gerry Hart, 8. 58 Tony Bures, 9. 31j Bill Jacoby Sr. 10. 27 Shelby Bilton, 11. 4 Josh Turner, 12. 20a Andy Chehowski, 13. 2 Joe Gribe, 14. 8 Aaron Huff, 15. 50b Mike Burns, DNS -- 44 Tom Davis
Heat Winners: Chad Blonde, Doug Zimmerman

Feature: 1. 17t Mike Tarlton, 2. 23 Jon Hadley, 3. 06 Jake Rendel, 4. 14 Jessie Sroufe, 5. 78 Terry Stratton, 6. 2s John Swift, 7. 96 Richard Swan, 8. 23h James Hadley
Heat Winner: Mike Tarlton

Feature: 1. 0 Tim Wilber, 2. 36 Dwayne Feltner, 3. 71 Logan Beckwith, 4. 06 Jake Rendel, 5. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 6. 007 Todd Silvey, 7. 98 Bob Adamczyk, 8. 69 Wes Bates, 9. 76 Matt Leland, 10. 92g Gary Gardner, 11. 10c Ryan Crandall, 12. 99 Bob Austin, 13. 68 Rick Foreman, 14. 38 Steve Langdon, 15. 53 Jay Davison, 16. 29 Zach Henderson, 17. 13c Charles Clawson, 18. 21 Ron Moore, DNS -- Steve Martinez

Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 32 Chris Garrett, 2. 29 Walter Otis, 3. 06 Bob Rendel, 4. 67 Kevin Watson, 5. 10b Kevin Butters, 6. 7r John Ruby, 7. 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 8. 83 Jeremy Lutz, 9. X Mike Elliott, 10. 35r Levi Collins, 11. 79 Nicolas Athy, 12. 95 Joe Elliott, 13. 99 Shawn mcFeters, 14. 01 David Collins Jr., 15. 99 Kevin Gutting, 16. 53 Dallas Prater, 17. 40 Todd Smith, 18. 08 Tommy Napier, 19. 83f Elston Flemming, DNS -- Jack Smith

Tim Wilber was the Sportsman feature winner.

Mike Tarlton took the modified feature win.

Chris Garrett in victory lane in the street stock division.

Chad Blonde with Sean Robinson in victory lane.

Aaron Smith on the gas during hot laps for the winged sprint cars.

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