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Monday, September 20, 2010 3:52:12 PM
Awards Banquet
Date: November 13, 2010 
Location: Eagles Lodge
331 Butters Ave, Coldwater, Michigan
$25.00 a ticket, please contact Bob or Karen Garrett at
269-209-2763 for reservations and tickets.  
Top 3 finishers of the Bill Pifer Outlaw Late Model Shootout:
Mark Pifer (2nd), Pete Dotson (winner), Kevin Reeve (3rd)
2010 Points Champions
Winged Sprints -- Ken Mackey
UMP Modifieds -- Tommy Beezley
Sportsman -- Marty French
Street Stocks -- Glenn Heath
Ken Mackey won Saturday's Season Championship feature and took his 10th track title.
Tommy Beezley won Saturday's Season Championship modified feature and repeated as champ.
Glenn Heath won Saturday's Season Championship Street Stock feature and took the points crown.
Champs crowned, lots of feature winners
during 3 day show 
Ken Mackey waited until the final points race to record his first feature victory of 2010, but a string of consistent finishes throughout the season gave Mackey his 10th Butler Speedway track title. Other 2010 champions are Tommy Beezley (UMP Modifieds), Marty French (sportsman), and Glenn Heath (street stocks).
Feature victories in Saturday's Season Championship features went to Mackey, Beezley, Jake Rendel (sportsman), and Heath. On Sunday, feature wins during the Butler 3-Day Spectacular went to Pete Dotson (outlaw late models), Josh Lolmaugh (modifieds), Tim Wilber (sportsman), Jeff Beaty (street stocks), and Ed Hiser (4-cylinder).
Saturday's features were lined up by points, putting Mackey on the pole for the winged sprint Season Championship event. Mackey would jump ahead at the outset and never looked back on the way to the win. Chad Blonde made a charge to second place late in the race before rains began to fall, with speedway officials then being forced to throw the checker flag to complete the sprint car season at Butler.
Blonde was second, with Doug Zimmerman third, Shelby Bilton fourth, and Mark Aldrich fifth. The rest of the top 10 were Dan Hall, Gerry Hart, Rocky LoPresto, Ryan Kirkendall, and Chad Hart.
Beezley started on the pole for the modified feature and led every lap of that race on the way to the modified points title. It was Beezley's third Butler feature win of the season, and his second-straight Butler title. The Indiana driver also captured the points championship at Gas City Speedway this season. John Swift came from outside of the second row to take second, while Brian Przepiora was third, Corey Bevard was fourth, and Mike Tarlton was fifth. Sixth through 10th in the Season Championship feature went to Eric Spencer, Jake Rendel, Kevan Free, Josh Lolmaugh, and Jon Hadley.
French started on the pole for the sportsman Season Championship feature, but had problems near the end and coasted home to an eighth place finish. However, that was more than enough to give French his first Butler title. Logan Beckwith, the 2009 sportsman division champ, led the feature until dropping but with mechanical woes, giving the lead to French. Tim Wilber then passed for the lead, but would later slide high in turn 3, allowing Jake Rendel to slip under for the win. At the finish it was Rendel, Dwayne Feltner, Steve Langdon, Matt Bell, and Wes Bates. Completing the top 10 were Wilber, Robert Austin, French, Toby Tefft, and Jacob Gambler.
Heath started on the point for the Season Championship race in the street stocks and led throughout. The Homer driver celebrated his triumph with a Polish victory lap. Bob Dooley made a strong run to take second, with Bob Rendel third, Keith Hiller fourth, and Jarrett Rendel fifth. The rest of the top 10 were Shawn McFeters, Dallas Prater, John Ruby, Walter Otis, and Chris Garrett.
The Outlaw Late Models headlined Sunday's program, with Dodson collecting his first career A Main victory. After setting quick time for the field, Dodson started on the tail for the feature and drove hrough the pack for the win. Mark Pifer led the event until Dodson made his way to the front. The top five finishers were Dodson, Pifer, Kevin Reeve, Scott Gaff, and Jake Rendel.
In Sunday's modified feature, Josh Lolmaugh drove a smart race in an event that saw several cautions. Polesetter Jake Rendel led the first half of the race, with Lolmaugh close behind. Rendel later slipped high in turn 2, giving Lolmaugh the break he'd been waiting for. He dove under and led the rest of the way. At the checker it was Lolmaugh, Mike Tarlton, Steve Shellenberger, Jordan Bailey, and Matt Eagen. Sixth through 10th were Greg Socha, Kevan Free, James Hadley, Jake Rendel, and Dillon Nusbaum.
Tim Wilber came from a 10th-place starting spot to take Sunday's sportsman feature. Jarrett Rendel and Steve Langdon led before Wilber made his way to the front, taking the lead with a move  underneath Langdon on a restart. Dwayne Felter completed a great weekend with another runner-up finish, while Jake Rendel was third, Bob Austin fourth, and Jarrett Rendel fifth. The rest of the top 10 were Jacob Gambler, Charles Clawson, Toby Tefft, Louis Miller, and Wes Bates.
Jeff Beaty collected his first career A Main in Sunday's street stock feature, coming from outside of the second row to lead by the end of the opening lap. Bob Dooley also made his way to the front quickly and chased Beaty to the checker. Keith Hiller was third, with Chris Garrett fourth, and Todd Thoms fifth. Completing the top 10 were Dirk LaPratt, Glenn Heath, Brad Crose, Bob Rendel, and Jim Gokee.
Ed Hiser ruled the 4-cylinder portion of the show, winning his heat race and the feature. Hiser's win was the first at Butler in several seasons and was his first career feature checker in a 4-cylinder on dirt.
Marty French is the 2010 champion in the sportsman class.
Jake Rendel won Saturday's Season Championship feature for the sportsman class.
Tim Wilber won Sunday's feature in the sportsman class.
Jeff Beaty won Sunday's feature in the Street Stocks.
Josh Lolmaugh drove to Sunday's feature win in the modifieds.
Ed Hiser ruled the 4-cylinder class during the weekend's events.
Butler Speedway Results --- September 18, 2010 ---- Season Championships
Winged Sprints

Feature: 1. 25m Ken Mackey, 2. 1b Chad Blonde, 3. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 4. 27 Shelby Bilton, 5. 1a Mark Aldrich, 6. 11 Dan Hall, 7. 39 Gerry Hart, 8. 57x Rocky LoPresto, 9. 27k Ryan Kirkendall, 10. 39jr Chad Hart, 11. 44 Tom Davies, 12. 12b Mike Baker, 13. 29s Marques Huffer, 14. 9q Ken Quimby, 15. 50b Mike Burns, 16. 47 Rob Bulloch, 17. 23j Chris Jones, 18. 48 Greg Wheeler
Heat Winners: Chad Blonde, Mark Aldrich
Points Champion: Ken Mackey
UMP Modifieds
Feature: 1. 69 Tommy Beezley, 2. 2 John Swift, 3. 1 Brian Przepiora, 4. 8 Corey Bevard, 5. 17t Mike Tarlton, 6. 10 Eric Spencer, 7. 06 Jake Rendel, 8. 21f Kevan Free, 9. 25 Josh Lolmaugh, 10. 23 John Hadley, 11. 29 Steve Shellenberger, 12. 29b Jake Bailey, 13. 14s Jessi Sroufe, 14. 52 Jordan Bailey, 15. 79 Shane Unger, 16. 95 Greg Socha, 17. 28 Matt Corliss, 18. 15 Matt Eagen, 19. 11 Mike Langdon, 20. 6 Dave Sibberson
B Main: Matt Corliss
Points Champion: Tommy Beezley
Feature: 1. 06 Jake Rendel, 2. Dwayne Feltner, 3. 45 Matt Bell, 4. 38 Steve Langdon, 5. 69 Wes Bates, 6. 0w Tim Wilber, 7. 99 Robert Austin, 8. 00 Marty French, 9. 18 Toby Tefft, 10. 15g Jacob Gambler, 11. 21 Scott Newsome, 12. 13 Charles Clawson, 13. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 14. 79 Logan Beckwith, 15. 5 Randy Nichols, 16. 20 Cameron Hoaglin
Points Champion: Marty French
Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 58 Glenn Heath, 2. 80 Bob Dooley, 3. 06 Bob Rendel, 4. 22 Keith Hiller, 5. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 6. 99 Shawn McFeters, 7. 53 Dallas Prater, 8. 7r John Ruby, 9. 29 Walter Otis, 10. 31 Chris Garrett, 11. 04 Todd Thoms, 12. 95 Joe Elliott, 13. 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 14. 30 John Kulikowski, 15. 02 Jeff Wolfinger, 16. 86 David Collins, Jr., 17. 6 Jeff Beaty, 18. 6x Bruce Stephens, 19. 23j Tom Miller, 20. 33 Brandon Hyliard, 21. 64 Corey Burch
B Mains: Todd Thoms, Jeff Beaty
Points Champion: Glenn Heath
Butler Speedway Results - September 19, 2010
Outlaw Late Models
Feature: 1. 53 Pete Dotson, 2. 2c Mark Pifer, 3. 117 Kevin Reeve, 4. 33 Scott Gaff, 5. 06 Jake Rendel, 6. 14 Jessi Sroufe, 7. 35 Ron Miller, 8. C4 Zack Calkins
Dash: Ron Miller
Heat: Mark Pifer
Feature: 1. 25 Josh Lolmaugh, 2. 17t Mike Tarlton, 3. 29 Steve Shellenberger, 4. 52 Jordan Bailey,
5. 15 Matt Eagen, 6. 95 Greg Socha, 7. 21f Kevan Free, 8. 11h James Hadley, 9. 06 Jake Rendel, 10. 17n Dillon Nusbaum, 11. 69 Tommy Beezley, 12. 23 Jon Hadley, 13. 10 Eric Spencer, 14. 8 Corey Bevard, 15. 25b Brian Lolmaugh, 16. 29b Jake Bailey, 17. X9 Keith Roebuck, 18. 79 Shane Unger, 19. 69 Tom Beezley, 20. 32 Todd Ogden, 21. 48 Mike Langdon
Heat Winners: Tommy Beezley, Mike Tarlton, Steve Shellenberger
Feature: 1. 0 Tim Wilber, 2. 36 Dwayne Feltner, 3. 06 Jake Rendel, 4. 99 Bob Austin, 5. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 6. 15g Jacob Gambler, 7. 13c Charles Clawson, 8. 18 Toby Tefft, 9. 45 Louis Miller, 10. 69 Wes Bates, 11. 38 Steve Langdon, 12. 78 Rick Swartout, 13. 5 Randy Nichols, Jr., 14. 48jb Jesse Burgett, 15. 21 Scott Newsome
Heat Winners: Tim Wilber, Jarrett Rendel
Street Stocks
Feature: 1. 6 Jeff Beaty, 2. 80 Bob Dooley, 3. 22 Keith Hiller, 4. 31 Chris Garrett, 5. 04 Todd Thoms, 6. 10 Dirk LaPratt, 7. 58 Glenn Heath, 8. 6x Brad Crose, 9. 06 Bob Rendel, 10. 74 Jim Gokee, 11. 42 Sheryll Dishaw, 12. 68 Daren Slone, 13. 29 Walter Otis, 14. 23j Tom Miller, 15. 006 Jarrett Rendel, 16. 67 Kevin Watson, 17. 81m Terry Milliman, 18. 30 John Kulikowski, 19. 25 Brandon Martin, 20. 7r John Ruby
Heat Winners: Keith Hiller, Chris Garrett, Jeff Beaty, Bob Dooley
B Mains: John Kulikowski, Tom Miller
4 Cylinder
Feature Win: 8 Ed Hiser
Heat Win: Ed Hiser

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